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The Kotler Awards, in honour of the Father of Modern Marketing – Prof. Philip Kotler is designed to unfold and value the true excellence and top professionals in the field of marketing and business management across the globe. It recognises and honours prominent players from different agencies and individuals whom had demonstrated remarkable and sensational practices in the industry. At the same time, it is an avenue to raise awareness of the creativity and originality delivered by practitioners of the various sectors, who are at the forefront of their professions

It aimed to enrich the competitiveness in the industry by encouraging and spreading examples of individuals and companies who have created innovative customer values and achieve successful market performance through various marketing competitiveness enhancement activities. This award also meant to present the direction of the most rational yet correct marketing activities in the rapid change of the market environment.

This prestigious event is set to be one of inspirational and dynamic event of its kind organised this year as it celebrates and acknowledges the key players’ great contributions and superb achievements in the industry. These acknowledgements will also promote motivation to other players to achieve better.

Award Objectives

To honour and celebrate excellent key players for their outstanding performance in the industry and around the globe

A great opportunity to network with prominent figures in the field of marketing and build new bridges in business

As platform to exchange and keep abreast of the latest strategies, trends, innovations and technologies in global marketplace

To set as icon to motivate others in bringing their utmost capabilities to achieve more

Judging Criteria

To determine the award winners, the evaluation will be conducted based on the following criteria. The criteria developed based on organisational or individual contributions to the industry and their significance

  Resource management
  Strategy & Foresight


1. Lifetime Achievement Awards
2. Masterclass Achievers
  Philanthropist of the Year
  Icon of the Year
  Visionary Leader of the Year
  Global of the Year
3. Iconic Achiever
  CEO of the Year
  Woman CEO of the Year
  Emerging CEO of the Year
  Marketer of the Year
  Promising Young Talent of the Year
  Global Brand of the Year
4. Industrial Achievers
  Media & Visual Communications
  Applied Technology
  Information Technology
  Health & Wellness
  Entertainment & Culture
  Oil & Gas
  Banking & Finance


Dr. Fahim Kibria

Chief Marketing Officer at World Marketing Summit Group

Kohzoh Takaoka

President at WMS Council & CEO of Nestle Japan

Prof. Marc Oliver Opresnik

Marketing Professor at LUEBECK University of Applied Sciences

Hermawan Kartajaya

President at ICSB & CO-Founder at Asia Marketing Federation

Luiz Moutinho

BA, MA, Ph.D, FCIM, Marketing and Management Futurecast, Bioscience and Neuroscience in Marketing, Futures Research

Linden Brown

Market Culture Strategies, Inc

Robert C. Walcott

Founder & Executive Director at Kellogg Innovation Network, Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Kellogg School of Management

Dominique M. Hanssens

Distinguished Research Professor of Marketing at UCLA Anderson School of Management

Larry Light

Chief Executive Officer at Arcature

Masafumi Ishibashi

Chief Marketing officer at Nestle Japan